Our Lady of Mercy Candle Shrine and Oratory

The Our Lady of Mercy Candle Shrine is one of the largest indoor candle shrines in the United States with more than 2,600 candles burning brightly for the many prayer intentions received.  
The oratory and Candle shrine is located next to the Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayer Ministry, who's members answer the prayer line phones, and pray individually for all the intentions .

During your visit to eden hill, please stop by and light a candle for your intentions, or pause in the oratory for moment of prayer.

Our Lady of Mercy Candle Shrine Votive Candles

In our glowing Our Lady of Mercy Candle Shrine located on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, votive candles burn as outward signs of our faith that reflect the warmth of our mutual love for and trust in our Lord. You may light a candle in person or request that a votive candle be lit for your special prayer intentions online.

All intentions are remembered by the Congregation of Marians each day during Mass and their personal prayers, and by the Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayer Ministry.

Each prayer intention is prayed for individually before the Blessed Sacrament in Our Lady of Mercy Oratory.

You can remember someone special today by asking for a votive candle to be lit.

You also may choose to have us light candles for a month. Just tell us the month you want the candles to burn and your prayer intentions. For an entire month our prayer intercessors will pray for your intentions.

Each prayer intention is kept strictly confidential. 

Light a candle and submit your prayer intention here

Learn More about the Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Prayer line Phone Number: 1-800-804-3823