Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather in the Berkshires like during April?
Expect anything and everything from mud to snow and ice, freezing temperatures, rain showers, and sometimes, beautiful weather. Be prepared!

REMEMBER: You are OUTSIDE all day, there is no shelter provided!

How should we dress?
It is recommended that you dress in layers so that you are warm enough. You can shed outerwear and sweaters should that become necessary in afternoon sun. Comfortable clothing is best.

What type of shoes should we wear?
Shoes that will give you traction and prevent sliding in the mud...rubber soles, boots, certainly comfortable shoes. Heels are a must for women to avoid! It is not recommended that you wear your favorite pair of shoes to this event as they may get ruined by the elements.

What is the terrain like at the Shrine?
You will walk ¼ of a mile up a slight incline on a paved walkway, then down a somewhat steep, grassy, uneven hill to our outdoor Shrine where services are conducted.

REMEMBER: There is NO handicapped transportation or equipment of ANY kind available for those with mobility issues.

Are food and beverages available?
Yes, food and beverages (soda and water) will be available for purchase throughout both Saturday and Sunday.

CAUTION: Vendors are contracted by the Marians and must be licensed in the tri-town area of Stockbridge and agree to an onsite inspection by the local health department before being allowed on Eden Hill to sell their product. You may not sell food or anything else on the
Marian premises without the express written permission in advance from the Congregation of Marians.

Will we need any money?
Other than to purchase food, you may wish to bring a small amount of money to light candles, for an offering you may desire to make at the Offertory during Mass, for mass enrollments, or to purchase items from the gift shop tents.

What Handicapped Transportation/Services are available?
There is NO Handicapped Transportation for the elderly or disabled during Mercy Sunday Weekend. There is a small space at the top of the hill where the Mass will be celebrated. It is available to handicapped individuals on a first come, first seated basis.

What about toilets?
Port-o-Potties will line the path from our bus parking lots to the outdoor Shrine where services will be held. These are NO FEE facilities.

What time should we arrive?
Certainly, you will want to arrive prior to the 3 o’clock Solemn Chaplet of The Divine Mercy on Saturday and prior to the 1 o’clock Liturgy on Sunday. Parking in our onsite lots is dedicated to the first 175 buses registered. Arriving very early does not mean that you will be the first to leave at the end of the day. In fact, the opposite may be true. The majority of buses seem to arrive between 9 and 11 a.m. on Sunday; slightly later on Saturday. Personal testimonies begin at 10 a.m.

If we arrive early, can we leave early?
PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY: All buses depart our lot at approximately the same time, one after the other on SUNDAY. Depending on how many buses there are on SATURDAY this MAY also apply. We will know closer to the end of registration and you will be notified. Our traffic control VOLUNTEERS and the local Police departments do a wonderful job of keeping everyone moving. We ask you to be mindful that those who assist us are VOLUNTEERS and help us out of the goodness of their heart. Please treat them with kindness and respect, and we’re certain that they will treat you equally well. Thank you!

SAFETY ISSUE: Please instruct all passengers NOT to walk behind and in between buses. Thiscould result in a potential accident or worse! Keep a close watch on all children. In the event an elderly person or child becomes lost, find the nearest police officer or volunteer and they will take further action.

A few words of caution...
Please be sure to do a “head count”once everyone is on board your bus before you begin your journey here. Then, do another “head count” before you leave Eden Hill to be sure that everyone who should be is on the bus. Believe it or not, some pilgrims have been left behind following Mercy Sunday services at the Shrine!

Before you depart Stockbridge, it’s also a good idea to have everyone check his/her name tag to be sure it has the correct bus number on it. For example, you would not want to get home to New Jersey on bus #59 only to find you have someone on board who lives in Maine and who should have been on bus #39!

This is an international event, so not everyone’s primary language is the same and that can present challenges. Patience will go a long way. Be mindful of how forgiving Our Lord is with each one of us and follow His example.

It is important for everyone de-boarding their bus on Eden Hill in the morning to note where the bus is parked so they can make their way back at the end of the day. Awareness is key!

May God bless you and may He and Our Lady watch over you and keep you safe.