The Holy Family Shrine

A favorite spot for pilgrims, the Holy Family Shrine provides a wonderful opportunity for prayerful meditation in the tranquility of gardens that surround the reflection pool.

The basic structure of the Holy Family Shrine was a feature of the estate purchased by the Marians in 1943, originally serving as a quiet garden.

The original marble statue of St. Joseph holding the Baby Jesus once graced the center of the Garden.

At the Heart of the Holy Family Shrine is the Statue of the Holy Family.


Racks of gently flickering votive candles line the sides of the Holy Family Shrine, each a prayer of a visiting pilgrim. Names are etched in the cobalt blue stained-glass windows or in the pavers that surround the Holy Family Shrine as remembrances or to commemorate special events such as a birth.

The Holy Family Shrine is a favorite spot for pilgrims to prayerfully seek the guidance and protection of the Holy Family or to simply thank God for the gift of family.  Please stop by for a few minutes and say a prayer.

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