Volunteering During 2020 Staged Reopening

Dear Friend in Christ,

Warm greetings from the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. We are happy to report that our grounds are slowly reopening through various phases so we may provide the sacraments that our Catholic Church so desperately desires. We are planning to reopen the Shrine in stages and we are focusing on Confession and the Holy Mass. We will begin with Stage 1 which already began on Sunday, May 31, 2020 and will include 2 p.m. Mass & 3 p.m. Chaplet at the outdoor Shrine only. The indoor Shrine and all buildings remain closed. Confessions will be drive through at normal times. Check out shrineofdivinemercy.org periodically for more information.

Because of this, we need volunteer help daily for the foreseeable future. Please take note:

  1. In Phase #1 of our reopening, we will conduct Masses outside only (with contingency plans, as best we can, for inclement weather.)
  2. In phase 1 of our plan, we will not be running golf carts.
  3. We ask our volunteers to please be flexible in our reopening. This will mean in our first phase:
  • We will ask you to be available for assignments other than golf cart driving, but the duties will not be unrelated to what we have asked in the past.
  • We will not be asking volunteers to help who are in the high risk category (including our senior saint volunteers).
  • We will make PPEs available for our volunteers including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. 
  • We will need to ask you to bring your own lunch as a safety precaution for now.  
  • We will ask volunteers who do not feel well to return home or not report to duty, again as a safety precaution.
  • We will have some training sessions for our volunteers with future details to follow. 
  • In all assignments at all times, we will be asking our volunteers to practice six feet of social distancing AND to wear face masks at all times when outside their vehicles, except when receiving Communion.

Please prayerfully consider volunteering with us whenever you can. If you are willing to consider the possibility of helping us during this reopening process, please fill out the form at this link here or call me at my volunteer office:


Again, please know how grateful I am for all of our volunteers. You guys have overcome many adversities in the past and I am confident we will also safely navigate these challenging times as we look forward to ministering to others the great Mercy and Love that God has for all.

This is such a crucial and integral part of the existence of our Shrine that I am going to give you my daytime phone number which is 413-298-1303, Monday - Friday. We are also grateful for your prayers and we pray for you as well.

Thank you so much,

Peter J. Markavage
"Peter James"
Volunteer Coordinator
National Shrine of The Divine Mercy