Groups and Busus

Pilgrimage Schedule

We welcome large groups and buses to join our pilgrimage schedule for the day, including our Holy Hour and Confessions at 1:00 p.m., and the 2:00 p.m. Mass and Chaplet of The Divine Mercy..  Please see our request about registering your group of 15 or more, below.


Additional Activities

Many groups also choose to make The Way of The Cross and hike to the Grotto together. We have found that many groups can fit those activities comfortably in a day, along with a visit to the Gift Shop, and leave time for a picnic lunch (no food is available for sale here, so you will need to bring your own lunch or have it delivered), as long as the group arrives by about 9-10 a.m.

Those fortunate enough to be here for several days can attend the afternoon services daily, and spread out different additional sites and activities over several days, allowing them more time for private reflection.



We ask groups of 15 or more to register, so that we can be sure to welcome all those who come to join us. We are a large property, but a tiny staff (both clerical and lay,) so we appreciate your cooperation. There is more information under the Group Registration section of the website. Registrations are open online for all dates except August 6 (which will open the week of May 23-27).  There is no need to call in advance; the system will allow you to register online, if we have room available on the day you would like to join us.  Please email [email protected] with further questions; thank you!