Handicap Services on Eden Hill

Handicap parking is available

  • In front of the National Shrine (a limited number of spaces)
  • Upper parking lot (Convent)
  • Marian Helpers Center parking lot

Handicap Access is available

  • Shrine Reception area is ground level
  • Shrine Gift Shop is on ground level
  • National Shrine has elevator access
  • Restrooms on the lower level have elevator access
  • Memorial Hall has elevator access
  • Our Lady of Mercy Oratory has wheelchair ramp access
  • Mother of Mercy Outdoor Shrine is on ground level
  • Shrine of the Holy Innocents is on ground level
  • Stations of the Cross is on ground level

Eden Hill is in a rural area and access to outdoor statuary requires good mobility. Some areas are not accessible to wheelchairs or walkers due to rural terrain.

Golf carts driven by Shrine personnel will be offered "if available". Carts do not operate during 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. to allow our volunteer drivers the opportunity to attend Holy Mass. During the winter months (November 1-March 31) carts will cease to operate. Given the rural terrain of Eden Hill, we advise pilgrims to dress with sturdy walking shoes and appropriate outerwear. Please call the Pilgrimage Office at 413-298-1119 if you have any concerns or questions.